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Scout MacKay

Founder of Language Life Music

Scout MacKay believes in the potential of a dynamic team, and the impact that their dedication to enriching education and coaching has in their students' lives. By founding Language.Life.Music, she ensures that unconventional and genuine professionals work within their vocations to influence others to do the same. Scout is the lead singer and composer for the multi-cultural pop band Güera, an interpreter, a writer, a painter and illustrator, and an avid surfer.


She has taught music, English, and the arts in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA since 2006. She is acknowledged for her boundless curiosity to learn and her compassionate lifestyle as a humanitarian and naturalist. She continues to explore and grow from her adventures to indigenous communities to study plant medicine and into cities to admire the work of the legendary and undiscovered artists and musicians.

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Image by Albert Amor

Life Coach

I work especially with female clients who feel like the odd woman out in their communities. Take the next steps into an empowered life.
Find your vocation, your truest voice, and your highest self-value. Balance your relationships, enhance quality time with yourself, and improve your work life.

Heal your outlook on money and enhance your earnings. Work towards your vision of your best life, and let go of what is holding you back.
From tasks as simple as minimalizing your possessions to as challenging as maximizing your efficiency in relationships, we work together to seize your opportunities to grow. Personal goal setting, planning, identifying future self, habits, rituals, and accountability.

It's essential to recognize that life coaching is different from therapy. I am a certified life coach and NLP, not a psychologist. Please consider what path may be best for you as I do not consider myself to be a mental health practitioner, and deeply respect the work of those who dedicate their lives to healing people in this field. 


Life coaches are practicing cartographers. Psychologists trained are mechanics. As the world of wellness crosses grows without technical checkpoints, I find it essential to make this difference. 


If I could choose anyone to be my life coach, it would be Neil Degrass Tyson. Not because I want to be an astronomer. Far from it. I admire his work deeply as a world-class cartographer, philosopher, and thinker. While he doesn’t heartlessly insult anyone’s beliefs, he debunks cultural myths with humility, elegance, and humor.


In the world of life coaching there seems to be a growing cultural myth that psychologists are irrelevant, and that working with them for healing from trauma and addictions takes too long. The truth is, healing from trauma and addictions does take time and patience, and the proper guidance from a trained professional. As a life coach, I’m simply not that trained professional.


If you’re eager to jump into mapping your future, I am here, and I’d love to guide you.

Music Teacher

I was born a composer and songwriter. One of my earliest memories is swinging in the deep south, making up a song about how much I loved to sing as the sun went down. My passion for singing, and my early exposure to songwriting through my father and uncle who were also musicians, lead me to the piano, guitar, and performing in musicals. Many teachers gave me false notions that reading and performing classical music was the equivalent of being an accomplished musician, and as a young, dyslexic child, I wanted to quit. 


My passion for music, however, lead me to the highly competitive environments of music schools, including the Contemporary Music Program in Maine, based in Berkly theory and philosophy, the classical voice program at the University of Washington, and Cornish College of the Arts, but eventually drove me to drop everything and start my own school for music based in curiosity and creativity and my band, rooted in the spirit of inquiry and empathy.


I have since taught creative music lessons in five different countries, to some of the most impoverished children living in Latin America, and I am currently writing and illustrating a book and online course for children in learning music.

My students learn more efficiently than they would with old - fashioned methods, and even the youngest students can explain the circle of fifths, harmony, and play their favorite song within a month of lessons. Most importantly, they stay content, engaged, and eager to play on their own.


I welcome students of any age to learn their favorite songs, what inspired their favorite musicians, and to 

achieve their most authetic connection with music by write songs of their own

Spanish Lessons, Translation, & Interpretation

"Ojala". My favorite word in Spanish was adopted from the Arabic phrase wa sha allah which means "should God

will it". I love the way it sounds, and that it is a direct link to the geographic and trade history of the blending of

these cultures during the Umayyad Conquest of 711. In my lessons, my goal is to allow you to feel confident lacing

verbs with vocabulary, to get you conversational in all of the tenses within six months while learning phrases specific to your favorite

Spanish-speaking country. In translation, my aim is for you to say exactly what you need to say as you would say it. I am your voice, in Spanish. Ojala that you will be your most authentic self in Spanish, whether looking for an interpretation, translation, or taking it on as your next language.

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