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A language can take you on an adventure, a supportive guide can lead you there, and a song can tell your story. In Spanish, "cuando se cree, se crea" means "when you believe, you create".  By blending the arts, academics, and language learning, Scout MacKay follows her student's natural curiosity to learn in order to create personalized classes and packages for self-empowerment. 

It takes courage to be creative. Teacher, writer, and musician Scout MacKay founded Language.Life.Music to provide students a platform to take empowering lessons regardless of where they live. She aims to be a visionary to share possibilities and inspire positive change.

Image by Justin Clark


Scout MacKay

Scout MacKay has taught academics, music, English, Spanish, and the arts in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA since 2006. She has taught in life-changing non-profits, renowned private schools, and translated for the Embassy of Peru in Mexico, and studied at UMA, UW, and Cornish College of the Arts.

Scout is acknowledged by her students, former employers, and community for her boundless curiosity to learn and her compassionate lifestyle as a humanitarian and environmentalist. She continues to explore and grow from her adventures to indigenous communities to learn about the cultures of Costa Rica and into Central American cities to admire the work of the legendary and undiscovered artists and musicians.


Scout is the lead singer and composer for the Mexican pop band Güera, a Spanish - English interpreter, author, visual artist, and an avid surfer.

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